Olive Branch Fair Trade Inc.

“I had been looking at the Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans website to see if their products would be a good fit for my new non-profit business, when I heard about the coming trip to the U.S. of their executive director. I invited Ms. Sahori to stay with me at my home on Martha’s Vineyard, to give a talk about BFTA at a local public library, and to meet merchants who might be interested in carrying the beautiful BFTA handcrafted products. Many thanks to Ms. Kaiksow and AVPE.”
Linda Cohen, Founder
Olive Branch Fair Trade Inc. olivebranchfairtrade@gmail.com

Arab AmeriCare Foundation

“Arab Americare Foundation (AAF) really benefited from the expertise of the AVPE team; we hosted them as part of our Youth Leadership Program. We welcomed the esteemed Mr. Sam Bahour to conduct mock job interviews and Ms. Reema AbuShaheen to share on the importance of continued professional development. Working with AVPE added great value to AAF and the services we were able to offer our youth participants. We are excited to continue building this cooperation.”
Carol Ziadeh, Program Manager
Arab AmeriCare Foundation

Palestine Online Store

“AVPE provides a very valuable service to Palestinian businesses, helping them succeed in the U.S. market by providing advice, networking, representation, and more! Every member of the staff has bent over backward to help my small business succeed, and their efforts had a tangible impact.”
Haithem El-Zabri, Owner
Palestine Online Store


“AVPE has opened product sourcing opportunities for us that previously seemed inaccessible. In 2016, I launched a new business—mebl | Transforming Furniture—the centerpiece of which is a global representation of beautiful furniture handcrafted from reclaimed wood and metal. We are trying to promote greater sustainability in the furniture industry. My …

MyLB Speaks Palestinian

“I was introduced to AVPE by Nisreen Musleh while brainstorming ideas for my new company. I was not yet ready to benefit from AVPE’s services, however, Reema AbuShaheen (AVPE’s Palestine Operations Officer) still worked hard to help me find the right resources. Reema was just amazing! She introduced me to …

Export Circles

“AVPE’s vision is really great, even though it may be difficult to implement. AVPE’s team works hard to meet their objectives and achieve success stories in both the U.S. and Palestine. As a result of our cooperation, my company was able to reach a client interested in our Palestinian olive oil. We sent a sample and began discussing prices. We all hope that things will proceed well with this valuable client and that this is the beginning of more cooperation and more success with AVPE.”
Adnan Jaber, General Manager
Export Circles