Our Story

Americans for a Vibrant Palestinian Economy is an Illinois 501(c)(3) * and was founded on the simple premise that Positive Investment in Palestine breeds hope for a better future for Palestinians through tangible economic opportunity. Hope breeds change for the betterment of Palestinian society, and a better relationship with the rest of the world. Our nonprofit organization encourages lasting economic relationships between Americans and Palestinians. When impediments on the ground are lifted, these lasting business relationships will support a vibrant Palestinian economy and, in the meantime, every business transaction and job created plant another seed of hope that keeps Palestinians constructively engaged towards a future of freedom and economic independence. Our focus is twofold:

1) Promote Business Relationships Between Americans and Palestinians

We will develop a user-friendly process for Palestinian organizations to define how they hope to benefit from partnering with Americans. This clearinghouse service will be widely promoted across the Palestinian business community. We will then recruit Americans and American businesses that are uniquely positioned to provide the benefits sought by the Palestinian organizations.

Based on input from the Palestinian community, early examples of how Palestinian organizations might benefit from American relationships include: help in designing products that appeal to the American marketplace using traditional Palestinian artisan skills such as making jewelry, pottery, and culinary products as well as specialty agricultural products. Other opportunities include outsourcing in such areas as call centers, data entry and other IT services as well as clothing manufacturing. We also speculate that Palestinian tourism businesses may be interested in developing relationships with American business organizations for personal travel or to host conventions.

We will use personal networks as well as trade associations, special trade research organizations, chambers of commerce, government entities and advertising to find American companies that are likely to be the best matches for the kind of benefits wanted by selected Palestinian organizations.

2) Promote Positive Investment in the Palestinian Economy

We will use a transparent screening process to create a list of Palestinian organizations that are candidates for positive investment. This initiative will screen organizations for their potential to make a positive impact on the Palestinian economy. Investors are expected to apply their own due diligence to selecting and implementing investment in these organizations.

By the fall of 2015, we plan to have taken one or more trade missions to Palestine. These trade missions will provide an opportunity for Americans to learn about doing business in Palestine and to explore how they might work with one or more Palestinian organizations. Our success as an organization will be measured by the number and quality of relationships developed through our clearinghouse efforts. We can also measure our success by the number and quality of jobs that are added to the Palestinian economy.

Down the road, we may build or adapt software technology that, in a user-friendly manner, will help match Americans and Palestinians who are likely to end up forming economic relationships. Although this software matching will not eliminate the involvement of AVPE in connecting Americans with Palestinian organizations, the software matching may increase the number of economic relationships being formed without the direct involvement of people from AVPE.